How do I submit my work?

Online submissions have to be made through:

Film Freeway: https://filmfreeway.com/NouveauCinema

Please complete the submission form and upload your work to the platform using a secure online viewing link. After fully completing the form, you will be prompted to pay the submission fee.

For new media works, please note that projects should be submitted via a password-protected streaming link, a download link to the VR build/360 video file (preferably by Dropbox/Google Drive), an app download package or game install.

For all works, please make sure that the link to your work and the password provided is valid now until the end of the festival (at least until October 20th, 2020) for media/press, jury and video library purposes.

If your submission form is incomplete, your work will not be taken in consideration. Please make sure you have included the correct contact information and a working link.

Can I send you a screener link without completing the submission form?

Works submitted by any means other than the submission form will not be entered in our database and therefore cannot be considered. Similarly, links to trailers or excerpts will not be considered.

Can I submit more than one work?

You may submit more than one work as long as each one meets the eligibility requirements. You will have to fill out a separate entry form and pay the applicable fee for each work submitted.

If I have already completed and sent the submissions form, can I edit information or update my contact information?

Via Film Freeway, your submission number allows you to make changes to the form at any time.

Is there a tracking number for submission?

Yes, you will receive a confirmation email with a submission number after submitting your online application. Please reference this number and the work title if you wish to inquire about any questions not addressed in the FAQ.

If for any reason you do not receive this confirmation email, please email [email protected].

My work is not yet completed. Can I submit the form without including a screening link?

You must send us a streaming link by the deadline date for which your work has been submitted (early bird : April 30 ; regular : May 31 ; last minute : June 30).

Please note that you can send us a work-in-progress as explained below.

Can I submit a work in progress?

Although we prefer to be sent final projects, we do accept rough cut / work-in-progress submissions (ie without final color correction or sound mixing). Please note, however, that the first version you submit will be the one considered by the programming committee. Updated versions will not be screened.

Please also be aware that we do not accept re-submissions, so be sure you are totally satisfied with your decision of submitting a work-in-progress as you will not be able to re-submit next year.

If you submit a work-in-progress, please indicate what elements are incomplete on your submission form. 

If the work is selected by the programming committee as a work in progress you must be able to send us a complete, final exhibition copy before we screen it at the festival, as we do not exhibit works in progress.

I already paid but I want to withdraw my submission. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, submission fees can not be refunded.



I missed the submission deadline. Can I still submit the film?

We do not accept late entries.

How can I pay the submission fee?

Upon filling out the submission form, you will be prompted to pay the fee.

Payment can be made by credit card.

Please do not send checks, money orders, or cash.

Do I have to pay before a certain date?

Submissions will not be processed and taken into consideration until your payment has been received.

Do you provide submission fee waivers?

As a non-profit organization, we rely upon submission fees to help cover the costs of processing and reviewing your work for possible inclusion in our upcoming edition. Hence, we do not give out waivers. 

Can I get a receipt upon payment of the submission fee?

Your receipt is available on the receipt screen immediately following your payment.

Your receipt is only available on the receipt screen immediately following your payment. You cannot get another copy of your receipt after you leave the receipt screen.

What are the eligible works?

Eligible works include:

- feature films (runtime ≥ 59 minutes)

- short films (runtime < 59 minutes)

- new media work (virtual or augmented reality, installation, immersive work): no length limit

We accept all type of films: fiction (any genre), documentary, animation, experimental. 

My work was completed before January 1, 2019. Is it still possible to submit it?

Works completed before January 1, 2019 are not eligible for consideration.

This applies even to works produced before that date which haven’t been broadcast, screened online, theatrically or exhibited in the province of Quebec or in the rest of Canada).

What is the difference between Canadian and Quebec premieres?

Canadian premiere: first screening in Canada. The work may have screened internationally but has never been shown in Canada in theaters, broadcast on television, online or been made available to a general audience through any other way.

Quebec premiere: first screening in the province of Quebec.

In cases where a work must be the subject of a Quebec premiere, it is eligible for consideration if it has been presented outside Quebec and elsewhere in Canada before the festival dates.

My work has been accepted to another festival but FNC is my preferred festival premiere. Can I check to see if it is in the running?

Although we may not be able to offer you a definitive answer depending on the timeline, we will try to give you as much information as possible to inform your decision.

I submitted last year. Can I resubmit my work for this year’s festival?

Unfortunately, you cannot re-submit a work that has already been submitted to the festival in the past (even if it is a new edit which is very different from the first).

This includes works that were submitted as works-in-progress.

Does my work need to be subtitled for the previewing process?

If your work is in the original English or French version, you do not need to subtitle the work

If the original language is neither English nor French, please subtitle the work into one of these two languages. 

What is your refund policy if the Festival is completely cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic?

In case of a total cancellation of the Festival due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you will be entitled to a refund of the submissions fees, minus the administrative costs charged by Film Freeway. A virtual edition of the Festival wouldn't lead to a refund of the submissions fees.


When and how will I know if my work has been selected?

We will notify all applicants via email of the status of their work by early September 2020. Please make sure your contact information is up to date. If you have not received any notification by September 15, 2020, please email [email protected].

If my work isn’t chosen to be presented during your festival, will you let me know why?

Due to the large volume of submissions our programming committee cannot provide feedback or screening notes to submitted works that are not selected.



Please note that if your work is selected by the programming committee, you have to uphold your engagement to screen it at the festival. It cannot be withdrawn from the programme after its selection has been confirmed.

As a non-profit organization, we do not offer screening fees but instead invests resources in providing the best possible showcase for your work, and promoting your work as widely as possible. 

If selected, in which format will my film be screened at the festival?

The exhibition copy must be delivered as a DCP (2K/4K). Presentation of other formats requires authorization from the festival.

All shipping costs (including return costs), insurance costs and custom charges will be at the expense of the participants.

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