Une vie à vivre
Charlotte Beaudoin Pelletier

O.V. French

QUéBEC/CANADA | 10 minutes | 2017

Maxime Cormier

O.V. French

The best day ever for a young actress, the most important day of her young career. It’s her 33rd birthday, and she has an audition for the lead in the next Xavier Dolan movie.

QUéBEC/CANADA | 7 minutes | 2017

L' étranger
Quentin Fabiani

O.V. French

QUéBEC/CANADA | 9 minutes | 2017

Julie De Lafrenière

O.V. French

QUEBEC | 9 minutes | 2017

Conversation with Ziad
Juliette Guérin

O.V. French

How do we leave a country when we are forced to ? What do we pack in our bags? What are the things that misses us the most ? So many questions that are asked to Ziad Alasmar, a young Syrian refugee, as he is projected images from his native land.

QUEBEC | 7 minutes | 2017

Les sauterelles
Émilie Baillargeon

O.V. French

The faded style of a dying lady. Her disillusioned daughter cares for her. A young neighbour hangs around. Desire is not dead.

QUéBEC/CANADA | 9 minutes | 2017

Des nouvelles du moi
Benoit Rodrigue

O.V. French

After a quest to find inner peace, a man use his magic powers to enter the collective unconscious and put a definitive end to his loneliness.

QUéBEC/CANADA | 8 minutes | 2017

Kevin T. Landry

O.V. French

Beth is 31 and, since yesterday, single. She lives alone with an old cat found in her alleyway and barely makes a living working at her sister's café. Beth is also a robot. Beth is in a strange place, really...

QUéBEC/CANADA | 17 minutes | 2017


Wednesday October 11, 2017

Cinémathèque - Salle Principale
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