Le cours de natation
Olivia Boudreau

O.V. - Without dialogue

Brought by her mother to her first swimming lesson, a 7-year-old girl must find, on her own, her place in the unfamiliar world of the pool.

CANADA | 12 minutes | 2015

La machine à laver
Danny Lynch

O.V. French

After attending the funeral and exhibition of his mother’s urn, Samuel 7 years old, returns home with his father Mario. Life must resume and Mario decides to show his son to use the washing machine. At the same time, Mario tells a secret to his son. The washing machine is special. Everything that goes in for a wash, travel back in time…

CANADA | 17 minutes | 2011

Guillaume Blanchet

O.V. - Without dialogue

I am not a good freestyle player, but I love to give it a try. For two years now, I’ve been lucky enough to visit a few countries with a ball as a faithfull compagnion. Along our journey, it has experienced sand, grass, concrete and snow, and has bounced back to me after hitting many a wall. Cheers to the greatest game of all !

CANADA | 5 minutes | 2014

Blonde aux yeux bleus
Pascal Plante

O.V. French | st English

A Canadian mother travels to Florida with her 4 year-old daughter to take part in a mini-miss contest. Getting ready to compete becomes a cat-and-mouse game for the duo... but no one knows for sure who the cat is!

CANADA | 18 minutes | 2015

Ian Lagarde, Gabrielle Tougas-Fréchette

O.V. - Without dialogue

Merce lives in Centro Habana, a modest yet extremely lively neighborhood of Havana, Cuba. She and her friends own the streets, where they kill time without an ounce of boredom. They dance and play night and day, seemingly carefree and masters of themselves. A tourist has left a game console at her place. The television's strong images and peculiar sounds hypnotize her, and she dances by herself on alien songs. Her country, like herself, are at the dawn of radical change.

CANADA | 9 minutes | 2017

Va jouer dehors
Adib Alkhalidey

O.V. French | st English

One morning during the school holidays, Abel decides to take matters into his own hands and solve his parent’s nancial problems.

CANADA | 18 minutes | 2017


Sunday October 15, 2017

Cinémathèque - Salle Principale
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