La maison du hérisson
Eva Cvijanovic

O.V. French

In a luxuriant and lively forest lives a hedgehog. La maison du hérisson is inspired by the famous story of Branko Copic, an author from former Yugoslavia.

CANADA | 10 minutes | 2017

La montagne de Sgaana
Christopher Auchter

O.V. - Without dialogue

Mountain of SGaana is a magical tale from Haida filmmaker Chris- topher Auchter, a dream-like gem brilliantly entwining traditional ani- mation with formal elements of Haida art.

CANADA | 11 minutes | 2017

Evan DeRushie

O.V. - Without dialogue

Birdlime is the name for a sticky substance spread on branches to trap wild birds. This touching lm follows the life of a bird caught in a cage, but who tries by all means to escape.

CANADA | 11 minutes | 2017

Va jouer dehors
Adib Alkhalidey

O.V. French | st English

One morning during the school holidays, Abel decides to take matters into his own hands and solve his parent’s nancial problems.

CANADA | 18 minutes | 2017

Les animaux domestiques
Antoine Robert

O.V. French | st English

Mr. and Mrs. Archibald, a rich, idle couple, successively adopt a dog, a cat, a y, a toad and a moth... but they know nothing about animals.

FRANCE | 23 minutes | 2017


Friday October 6, 2017

Cinéma du Parc 1
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