Kenneth Anger

During a man's sadomasochistic dream, a group of sailors rape and torture him on a street.

UNITED STATES | 20 minutes | 1947

Werner Herzog

Weight lifting men who compete to achieve individual bodily perfection through muscle building.

AUSTRIA | 12 minutes | 1962

La Lutte
Michel Brault, Marcel Carrière, Claude Fournier, Claude Jutra

O.V. French

A candid-camera view of professional wrestling as seen in the Montréal Forum, where some of the biggest bouts are staged, and in back-street wrestling parlors where the warriors practice their art. Nothing escapes the probing camera as well-muscled tyros grapple, punch, squirm, roar and grimace, adding their own variations of showmanship to amuse and excite the crowd.

QUéBEC/CANADA | 28 minutes | 1961

The Exquisite Corpus
Peter Tscherkassky

O.V. - Without dialogue

In 1925 Surrealists in Paris started to use a writing and drawing technique they called “Cadavre exquis”, which translates as “The Exquisite Corpse”. That technique engages several participants to blindly collaborate in the creation of a single unified image or sentence: One person would write a word or draw part of a body on a piece of paper, fold it over and pass it on to a next participant who would add another piece without seeing what had come before, hand it over to the next...

AUSTRIA | 18 minutes | 2015


Thursday October 5, 2017

Cinémathèque - Salle Principale
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