Good Morning Native America
Darryl Nepinak

O.V. English

Filmmaker Darryl Nepinak directs an amateur film about a talk show host, with a set in his living room that runs on his local cable television network. We follow Darryl the host around his 'ghetto' neighbourhood as he encounters old guests from his show and watch some old reruns or highlights from past shows.

CANADA | 6 minutes | 2006

Darryl Nepinak

O.V. English

At the Canadian National Spelling Bee speller Darryl Nepinak stumbles upon a familiar word.

CANADA | 2 minutes | 2008

I for Indian
Darryl Nepinak

O.V. English

Retro children’s TV takes a comical jab when one letter of the alphabet gets a new association.

CANADA | 2 minutes | 2012

Darryl Nepinak

O.V. English

Darryl Nepinak documents his mother as she teaches him and shares stories of how she learned how to make Bannock. A step by step way of teaching others about what Bannock is and how to make it.

CANADA | 7 minutes | 2006

The Last of the Nepinaks
Darryl Nepinak

O.V. English

A nephew's journey.

CANADA | 3 minutes | 2005

Darryl Nepinak

O.V. English

It's the Lone Ranger Show!

CANADA | 1 minutes | 2012

Darryl Nepinak

O.V. English

A Mockumentary about a group of misfit hunters in not-so-hot pursuit of the legendary Bigfoot somewhere between Sapatoweyak and Skownan First Nation.

CANADA | 14 minutes | 2007

Sundown at the dusty trail
Darryl Nepinak

O.V. English

A one take Super 8 film that explores the nature of the Cowboys and Indians myth perpetuated by widescreen Hollywood movies.

CANADA | 3 minutes | 2006

Zwei Indianer Aus Winnipeg
Darryl Nepinak

O.V. German | st English

"Two ersatz "Indian warriors" chase a beautiful Indian maiden through the streets of Winnipeg. But she loves Chief Big Bear. Who is the hunter, and who the hunted in this tableaux? Based on the 1964 German song, “Zwei Indianer Aus Winnipeg,” our heroes are in for a surprise when they reach The Ancient Lake of Schwinestieger."

CANADA | 3 minutes | 2008


Sunday October 13, 2019

Cinémathèque - Salle Fernand-Seguin
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