Édith Jorisch

O.V. English

On the concept of wonder.

QUéBEC, Canada | 8 minutes | 2019

A Telepathic Film
Broadbent Sisters

O.V. English | st English

Explore the depths of feminine intuition, nonverbal communication and attunement, uncovered when practicing telepathy.

ONTARIO, Mexico, Canada | 6 minutes | 2019

Second Generation
Miryam Charles

O.V. English | st French

Before her wedding, a young woman learns that her fiancé is accused of sexual assault. She goes to Haiti to confront the alleged victim.

QUéBEC, Canada | 5 minutes | 2019

Desert Islands
Ralitsa Doncheva

O.V. English | st English

An impressionistic journey following the filmmaker and her father as they travel to the Black Sea in Bulgaria.

QUéBEC, Bulgaria, Canada | 12 minutes | 2019

The Fenestration of Suburbia
Mitchell Stafiej

O.V. - Without dialogue

The Fenestration of Suburbia is a melancholic social documentation of a cold Canadian suburb.

QUéBEC, Canada | 19 minutes | 2018

27 Thoughts About My Dad
Mike Hoolboom

O.V. English

A memorial of 27 vignettes exploring the death of the artist’s father in June 2017....

ONTARIO | 26 minutes | 2019


Friday October 11, 2019

Cinémathèque - Salle Fernand-Seguin
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