Les évaporés
Yann-Manuel Hernandez

O.V. French | st English

Marc B. was last seen near Dorwin Falls in Rawdon. He vanished without a trace like thousands before him: the “Johatsu”, the Evaporated....

QUéBEC, Canada | 18 minutes | 2019

Celle qui porte la pluie
Marianne Métivier

O.V. French | st English

Immersed in a world halfway between reality and a dream, Agnes will have to confront her mourning....

QUéBEC, Canada | 17 minutes | 2019

Dusty Mancinelli, Madeleine Sims-Fewer

O.V. English | st English

A ten-year-old girl struggles with the residual trauma of her sexual abuse....

ONTARIO, Canada | 23 minutes | 2019

Alicia K. Harris

O.V. English | st French

A young girl wears her afro to school picture day and must deal with unexpected consequences.

ONTARIO, Canada | 11 minutes | 2019

No Crying at the Dinner Table
Carol Nguyen

O.V. Vietnamese | st English

A collection of family secrets, confessions and confrontations....

QUéBEC, Canada | 16 minutes | 2019


Sunday October 13, 2019

Cinémathèque - Salle Principale
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