They come from the center of the world
Dina Duma

O.V. Spanish | st English

I dream about the beast that lives at the bottom of the lake. Only few people have seen it. The air freezes when it’s is near you because it’s heart is too cold. They say you should not look it in the eyes, because your heart will freeze as well. Only one woman has looked the beast in the eyes, but her heart is sad and frozen long time ago.

MACEDONIA | 17 minutes | 2017

Los Desterrados hijos de Eva
Omar Robles

O.V. Spanish | st English

Now a woman, Oscar returns to the city that once banished her. Her father is dying and her brother is full of resentment. She will have to overcome her own pain to heal the wounds.

MEXICO | 16 minutes | 2017

All Small Bodies
Jennifer Reeder

O.V. English

ALL SMALL BODIES is a feminist, sci-fi take on the Grimm tale of HANSEL and GRETEL. It occurs in the distant future among the ruins of a planetary catastrophe, revealing the abuses of history and technology. In the wake of the chaotic aftermath, there are several resilient survivors including two young girls named Z and Bub. ALL SMALL BODIES follows these curious adolescents who have long been lost and alone in the haunted, other-wordly woods, as they awaken their extrasensory abilities and...

GERMANY, United States | 19 minutes | 2017

Farpões Baldios
Marta Mateus

O.V. Portuguese | st English

Resisting the struggle, the protagonists of this film, many of whom are illiterate, have been working since childhood. In their own words, they tell their story to the youngsters of today.

PORTUGAL | 25 minutes | 2017


Thursday October 12, 2017

Cinémathèque - Salle Fernand-Seguin
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