The FNC unveils the projects selected for its

Nouveau marché of international co-productions



October 6 to 8, 2021

The MontrealFestival du nouveau cinéma (FNC) is pleased to unveil the projects selected for its Nouveau marché of international co-productions, set up especially for the Festival’s 50th anniversary and running from October 6 to 8 alongside the regular FNC and FNC Forum activities.

The Nouveau marché will be the only coproduction event in North America to present fiction feature film and virtual reality projects in the development stage. For the first year, the directors and producers of the 17 selected projects 12 fiction features and five virtual reality works will have a chance to meet with juries, attend pitch sessions and network with a view to developing new creative partnerships.The jury for fiction projects, made up of Caroline Habib (Sienna Films), Josh Penn (Department Motion Pictures) and Ryan Kampe (Visit Films), will award a CAD$25,000 prize in development assistance. The jury for the VR section, made up of Myriam Achard (PHI), Emily Page (E.D. FILMS) and Tamara Shogaolu (Ado Ato Pictures), will hand out a CAD$5,000 prize.

This first edition, to take place online, is presented in collaboration with the Luxembourg City Film Festival and CineMart, the coproduction market of the International Film Festival Rotterdam. One of the VR works on the lineup will be invited to Rotterdam for its 2022 edition.

The ambitious final selection has been meticulously curated by Hayet Benkara (director of the Nouveau marché), Anna Ciennik, Karim Aitouna (for feature films) and Jolinde den Hass (for VR works). The projects chosen for the first edition — including four Canadian productions — hail from North America, Latin America, Africa, Europe and Asia. This gender-balanced lineup also includes four first films, all directed by women. 

Below is the list of selected projects.




A Portrait (Canada)

Director: Sofia Bohdanowicz

Produced by: Greenground Productions (Andreas Mendritzki and Aonan Yang)


Babi Yar (Ukraine)

Director: Sergei Loznitsa 

Produced by: Fata Morgana (Maria Choustova et Sergei Loznitsa) and JBA Productions (Jacques Bidou et Marianne Dumoulin)

In a Dream You Saw a Way to Survive and You Were Full of Joy (Lebanon)

Director: Rémi Itani

Produced by: Makadam Films (Michael Graf and Sara Bonakdar)

Les clochettes de Kaboul (Afghanistan/France)

Director:Chabname Zariab

Produced by: Alta Rocca Films (Jean Etienne Brat et Lou Chicoteau)

Motherhood (Canada/Tunisia)

Director: Meryam Joobeur

Produced by: Midi La Nuit (Annick Blanc) and Tanit Films (Nadim Cheikrouha)

Mexico 1986 (France/Belgium)

Director: César Díaz (Guatemala)

Produced by: Tripode Productions (Delphine Schmit) and Need Productions (Géraldine Sprimont)


100 000 ANNÉES LUMIÈRES (France)

Director: Virgil Vernier 

Produced by: Petit Film (Jean des Forêts)

Sphère (Senegal)

Director: Alain Gomis 

Produced by: Andolfi (Arnaud Dommerc), Les Films du Worso (Sylvie Pialat, Benoît Quainon) and Shortcut (Georges Schoucair)

Ruta Contemporánea (Argentina)

Director: Alessia Chiesa 

Produced by: Volpe Films (Agustina Costa Varsi, Malena Kremenchuzky)et Tiresias Films (Laure Dahout)


The Chattering of Teeth (Lesotho)

Director: Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese

Produced by: Urucu (Cait Pansegrouw)


Toll (Brazil)

Director: Carolina Markowicz 

Produced by: Biônica Filmes (Karen Castanho)



Director:Bretten Hanman

Produced by: Mazewalker Films Inc. (Bretten Hanman)


Future Rites (Canada/UK)

Director: Sandra Rodriguez and Alexander Whitley 

Production: Normal, Alexander Whitley Dance Company


Fight Back VR (US/France)

Director: Céline Tricart

Produced by: Red Corner (Marie Blondiaux), Lucid Dreams Productions


I Am Not Comfortable in This Family (Australia)

Director: Aaron Wilson

Produced by: Aaron Wilson and Ian Anderson


Raise Raven (New Zealand)

Director: Raqi Syed and Areito Echevarria

Produced by: Like Amber 


Saga of Sage (Netherlands)

Director: Robin Coops

Produced by: We Make VR (Avinash Changa)

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