Branded to Kill
Seijun Suzuki

O.V. Japanese

An infernal duel between two hit men bent on annihilating each other. Delirious destruction and an ecstatically twisted storyline for an inimi- table high art/low art mashup.
This time, the bent...

JAPAN | 99 minutes | 1967

Detective Bureau 2-3: Go to Hell Bastards
Seijun Suzuki

O.V. Japanese

Yakuza, Triads and maggoty GIs in a world of bloody revenge and impressionistic violence. A classic, just-restored cool-detective flick. An irreverent indulgence.
A lesser-known film by the Japanese...

JAPAN | 89 minutes | 1963

Gate of Flesh
Seijun Suzuki

O.V. Japanese

Post-war Japan: prostitutes are forming gangs as a survival strategy. Beware the one with feelings, and woe unto the man who gets close. A masterpiece!
Seijun Suzuki makes his own Roman Porno (the...

JAPAN | 90 minutes | 1964

Tokyo Drifter
Seijun Suzuki

O.V. Japanese

The quintessential yakuza film, gutsy, out of control and unsurpassed. An uncompromising artistic rebellion.
At the time, Suzuki was on the outs with his producers. He was going too far with his...

JAPAN | 89 minutes | 1966

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