SWITZERLAND | 33 minutes | 2016

A film in motion, an immersive cinematic object. An innovative, immersive narrative format combining stereoscopic imagery, choreography, visual art and music, Womb is a thought-provoking concept piece. Three characters emerge from a womb to discover the volumes of the world. In an abstract analogy of the unfolding of life, the dancers progress through a long sequence shot in Sylvie Fleury’s luminous set. Bathed in Franz Treichler’s spatial score and costumed by Jean-Paul Lespagnard, they create a dialogue in space. A three-dimensional sound-and-visual experience, Womb is a film of volume and movement.

Master class after the film
A moment with the prolific, eclectic Swiss choreographer and filmmaker Gilles Jobin. The Geneva-based Jobin has staged his creations
around the world since1995, the year he founded his company. In 2015, he received the Swiss Grand Award for Dance from the Office Fédéral de la Culture in honour of his career to date. WOMB (2016, 3D movie) and VR_I (an immersive virtual reality piece developed with Artanim)
take contemporary dance into new performance spaces. The meeting will be facilitated by UQAM dance professor Armando Menicacci and preceded by the screening of WOMB.

With the support of PRO HELVETIA


Monday October 9, 2017

Program #142
Cinémathèque - Salle Principale

Gilles Jobin

No biography

Bloody Mary, Middle Suisse, Only You (1995-96)
A+B=X (1997)
Macrocosm (1999)
Braindance (1999)
The Moebius Strip (2001)
Under Construction (2002)
TWO-THOUSAND-AND-THREE (2003) Commissioned for the Ballet du Grand Théâtre – Geneva
Delicado (2004) Commissioned for Ballet Gulbenkian – Lisbon
Steak House (2005)
Double Deux (2006)
The Moebius Strip + Moebius Kids (2007) Commissioned for the Cie Virevolte -Geneva
Text to Speech (2008)
Black Swan (2009)
Le Chaînon Manquant – The Missing Link (2010)
Spider Galaxies (2011)
Shaker Loops (2012)
PROTOKIDS (2013) Commissioned for the Cie Virevolte -Geneva
QUANTUM (2013)
WOMB (2016) 3D film
VR_I (2017) Immersive virtual reality piece

distribution and credits

  • Camera Patrick Tresch
  • Costume Jean-Paul Lespagnard
  • Decors Sylvie Fleury
  • Music Franz Treichler
  • Editing Camilo De Martino, Vincent Pluss
  • Cast Gilles Jobin, Martin Roehrich
  • Artistic Director Gilles Jobin


  • Cie Gilles Jobin

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