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CHINA | 105 minutes | 2019


Gu Xi and her half-brother Gu Liang lead a hardscrabble life in a village in northern China, where they struggle to make ends meet. Their unusually intimate relationship takes on a new dimension with the arrival of the charismatic QingChang, daughter of a rich businessman. The toxic love triangle that ensues makes for a psychological drama that has certain parallels with Lee Changdong’s seductive Burning (2018). Liang Ming’s first feature is a subtle examination of the ambivalent desires within a sensitive family relationship, not to mention class consciousness. Wisdom Tooth approaches the complex relationship between a sister and brother with a fresh new gaze.

A seductive debut film, Liang Ming’s Wisdom Tooth is a bildungsroman, both understated and immersive.” IonCinema
Ming’s nuanced understanding of character makes him one of this year’s most intriguing new directors.” IonCinema
There’s much to admire in this intriguing, textured account of simmering sibling tensions, secrets and jealousy.” Screen Daily

Best Director Award, Jury Award - Pingyao Film Festival
Best Actor - Macao Film Festival
Rotterdam Film Festival, Bright Future


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Liang Ming

No biography

*Spring Fever* (2009) - Actor

*Mystery* (2012) - Assistant director

*Shadow Days* (2014) - Actor

*Wisdom Tooth* (2019)- Director

distribution and credits

  • Screenplay Liang Ming
  • Producer Sean Chen
  • Cast Lu Celeste, Wang Jiajia, Wang Weishen, Wu Xiaoliang

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