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FRANCE | 115 minutes | 2019

A gifted storyteller and a filmmaker in a class by herself, Agnès Varda sits down to recount 60 years of her life and career, by turns personal, political, feminist and highly mischievous. Guided more by linked memories than strict chronology, Varda focuses on her desire to spread knowledge, revealing interpretation keys and behind-the-scenes secrets and offering her personal take on what she called “cinécriture” (cine-writing). Screened at the Berlin Festival, Varda par Agnès is a joyous foray into the past where her films and other works form a canvas illustrating a working process and a creative vision that never ran out of steam.

"The French auteur exudes enigmatic godmotherly wisdom as she reflects on her life behind the camera and turns the lens on herself" The Guardian
"Two hours in this director’s company is a pleasure." The Guardian
"A personal, playful account of a rich creative legacy." The Hollywood Reporter

Berlin Film Festival

Toronto Film Festival


Saturday October 12, 2019

Program #63
Cineplex Odeon Quartier SALLE 10

Saturday October 19, 2019

Program #241
Cineplex Odeon Quartier SALLE 10

Agnès Varda

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Ô SAISONS Ô CHÂTEAUX (1957) – DIARY OF A PREGNANT WOMAN (1958) – DU CÔTÉ DE LA CÔTE (1958) – SALUT LES CUBAINS (1963) – ELSA LA ROSE (1965) – UNCLE YANCO (1967) – BLACK PANTHERS (1968) – WOMEN REPLY (1975) - PLAISIR D’AMOUR EN IRAN (1976) – ULYSSE (1982) – UNE MINUTE POUR UNE IMAGE (1982) – THE SO-CALLED CARYATIDS (1984) – 7 P., CUIS., S. DE B. (1984) – YOU'VE GOT BEAUTIFUL STAIRS, YOU KNOW... (1986) – LE LION VOLATIL (2003) – YDESSA, THE BEARS and ETC... (2004) – THE THREE BUTTONS (2015) and other short films that appeared as part of the installations since 2003.
1954 LA POINTE COURTE Age d'Or Prize, Brussels (1955)
1961 CLÉO FROM 5 TO 7 Cannes Film Festival, Prix Méliès (1962)
1964 HAPPINESS Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival, Louis Delluc Prize, David Selznick
Award (1965)
1970 NAUSICAA (lost)
1975 DAGUERRÉOTYPES (documentary) Prix du Cinéma d'Art et Essai (1975), Academy
Award nominee for Best Documentary (1975)
1976 ONE SINGS THE OTHER DOESN'T Grand Prize at the Taormina Film Fest (1977)
1980 MUR MURS (documentary) Grand Prize at the Festival dei Populi Florence (1981), Josef
von Sternberg Mannheim Award (1981)
1981 DOCUMENTEUR Audience Award at the Women's Film Festival Brussels (1982)
1985 VAGABOND Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival (1985), Prix Méliès (1985) 1987 JANE B. BY AGNÈS V. Berlin Film Festival (1988)
1987 KUNG-FU-MASTER Berlin Film Festival (1988)
1990 JACQUOT DE NANTES Out of Competition Cannes Film Festival (1991)
1992 THE YOUNG GIRLS TURN 25 (documentary) Un Certain Regard Cannes Film Festival
(1993), Gold Plaque at the Chicago Film Festival (1993)
1993 L’UNIVERS DE JACQUES DEMY (documentary)
1994 ONE HUNDRED AND ONE NIGHTS Berlin Film Festival (1995)
2000 THE GLEANERS AND I (documentary) Out of Competition Cannes Film Festival (2000),
Prix Méliès, Best European Documentary (2000)
2002 DEUX ANS APRES (documentary)
2006 QUELQUES VEUVES DE NOIRMOUTIER (documentary) montage-adaptation of the
2008 THE BEACHES OF AGNÈS Venice Film Festival (2008), César Award for Best
Documentary Feature (2009), Prix Henri Langlois (2009), Award for Best French Film, National Society of Film Critics Award (2008), Étoile d’Or for Documentary film, French Cinema Press Award (2009), SACD Grand Prize (2009)
2010 AGNÈS DE-çI DE-LÀ VARDA (documentary) Series of chronicles, journeys and encounters with artists.
2018 FACES PLACES co-directed with French artist JR, Academy Award and César nominee for Best Documentary Feature (2018), Golden Eye Prize Cannes Film Festival (2018)
2019 VARDA BY AGNÈS Out of Competition Berlin International Film Festival (2019)

distribution and credits

  • Screenplay Agnès Varda, Didier Rouget
  • Producer Rosalie Varda
  • Cast Agnès Varda, Sandrine Bonnaire, Hervé Chandès

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