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UNITED KINGDOM | 84 minutes | 2020


A documentary essay on the archeology of place, time and language, on the birth of a phrase or an image. The Republics follows poet Stephen Watts on a journey through his texts over the course of 40 years, from the Isle of Dogs to the Western Isles and on to the mountains of northern Italy. Wahl’s grainy black-and-white 16-mm photography, set to Watts’s words, navigates fluidly between past and present. A poetry-drenched essay on place and the demographic transformation imposed on it by modern urban planning.

“It is one of the most impressive artists’ films of recent years, whose own poetry speaks as honestly and eloquently as that of the writer it portrays.” British Council

“The Republics is the perfect example of how different art forms can complement each other.” Indy Film Library

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Huw Wahl

No biography

Everything Lives: looking at the artist as father (2016, short, 24m)
Action Space (2016, feature, 1h 26m)
To Hell with Culture (2014, feature, 55m)

distribution and credits

  • Producer Huw Wahl

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