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JAPAN | 148 minutes | 2020


Prior to completing his upcoming film with Nicolas Cage, Japanese cult and iconic filmmaker Sion Sono delivers a surprise: a virulent, volatile (and very feminine) comedy about a film shoot that goes off the rails when the extras revolt. To the director, this is precisely what cinema ought to be: a gesture that, rebellious, poetic and subversion, champions impulsivity as it defies all logic. A film about the revenge of the silver screen’s nameless bit players and the straitjacket of celebrity, Japanese and otherwise, that they must wriggle out from under simply to exist. When Japanese extras take control, mainstream cinema should seriously start to shake . . .


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Sion Sono

No biography

Love Song (1984) Director [Short film]
I Am Sion Sono!! (1985) Director, writer and actor [Short film]
A Man's Flower Road (1986) Director and writer
Love (1986) Director and writer [Short film]
Decisive Match! Boys Dorm vs Girls Dorm (1988) Director and writer
Bicycle Sighs (1990) Director, co-writer and actor
I Hate You... Not (1991) Actor
Heya: The Room (1992) Director and writer
Otaku (1994) Actor
Bad Film (1995) Director and writer
Keiko Dessukedo (I Am Keiko) (1997) Director and writer
Kaze (1998) Director and writer [Short film]
Dankon: The Man (1998) Director and writer
Utsushimi (1998) Director, writer and cinematographer
Depression Blot (1999) Director and writer
Blind Beast vs. Killer Dwarf (2000) Actor
Seigi no tatsujin: Nyotai tsubo saguri (2000) Director and writer
Suicide Club (2001) Director and writer
0cm4 (2001) Director and writer [Short film]
Father's Day (2001) Director [Short film]
Prom Night (2002) Director
Chichi no Hi (2003) Director and writer
N?-pantsu g?ruzu: Movie box-ing2 : Otona ni Nattara (2004) Director and writer [Anthology]
Into a Dream (2005) Director and writer
Noriko's Dinner Table (2005) Director and writer
Hazard (2005) Director and writer
Strange Circus (2005) Director, writer, composer and cinematographer
Balloon Club, Afterwards (2006) Director and writer
Jik? keisatsu (2006) Director [TV show]
Exte (2007) Director and writer
Love Exposure (2008) Director and writer
Be Sure to Share (2009) Director and writer
Make the Last Wish (2009) Director
Cold Fish (2010) Director and co-writer
Himizu (2011) Director and writer
Guilty of Romance (2011) Director and writer
Kenkichi (2012) Director and writer
The Land of Hope (2012) Director and writer
Why Don't You Play in Hell? (2013) Director and writer
Minna! ESPer Dayo! (2013) Director and writer [TV series]
Venice 70: Future Reloaded (2013) Director [Anthology]
Tokyo Tribe (2014) Director and writer
All Esper Dayo! SP (2015) Director [TV Movie]
Shinjuku Swan (2015) Director
Love & Peace (2015) Director and writer
Tag (2015) Director and writer
The Whispering Star (2015) Director and writer
The Virgin Psychics (2015) Director and writer
Madly (2015) Director [Anthology]
Antiporno (2016) Director
Shinjuku Swan II (2017) Director
Tokyo Vampire Hotel (2017) Director and writer Amazon original series
The Bastard and the Beautiful World (2018) Director and writer
Prisoners of the Ghostland (2019) Director and writer
The Forest of Love (2019) Director and writer

distribution and credits

  • Screenplay Sion Sono
  • Producer Hiroyuki Ogasawara, Masaya Takahashi
  • Cast Sen Fujimaru, Riku Kurokouchi, Mala Morgan

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