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AUSTRIA, Germany | 74 minutes | 2019

For five years, Lukas Marxt followed a schizophrenic man living in Lanzarote, Canary Islands. The result is this experimental portrait where lonely volcanic landscapes externalize a man’s innermost thoughts and feelings through the alchemy of cinema. A heartfelt meditation on truth and the imaginary in the form of a documentary essay. A film poem where text, colour, image and movement merge to take on new meanings, inner and outer worlds melding as seamlessly as a Möbius strip.

"It is dizzyingly hard to describe what one sees and hears, because the reality in front of the camera could also be a wholly imagined future, or pictures from a time before cinema." LightCone
"Ralf’s Colors (Ralf’s Farben) could be considered a Dadaist experimental film." Desistfilms

Prix des nouveaux alchimistes + prix de l'expérimentation MUBI - festival du nouveau cinéma

Locarno Film Festival


Thursday October 10, 2019

Program #9
Cinémathèque - Salle Principale

Tuesday October 15, 2019

Program #157
Cineplex Odeon Quartier SALLE 14

Lukas Marxt

No biography

Ralfs Farben/ Ralf´s Colors 2019
Victoria 2018
Imperial Valley (cultivated run?-off) 2018
Shadowland 2017
Fishing is not done on Tuesdays 2017
Circular Inscription 2016
Cape Ground 2016
Wunderschön und ruhig gelegen 2015
Captive Horizon 2015
Black Rain White Scars 2014
Double Dawn 2014
High Tide 2014
Low Tide 2014
Reign of Silence 2013
Two Skies 2013
It seems to be loneliness but it is not 2013
Nella Fantasia 2012
Rising Fall 2011
Fire Walk Me Home 2009
Pass By 2008
Four By 2008
Nach der Eishöhle 2007

distribution and credits

  • Screenplay Lukas Marxt
  • Producer Lukas Marxt

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