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SOUTH KOREA | 105 minutes | 2019


After her parents get divorced, Okju, her father and her little brother move in with a grandfather she barely knows. Life in the new family unit proves challenging for the already traumatized teenager. Emerging Korean director Yoon Dan-Bi approaches her subject with a keen eye and sensitivity reminiscent of the great Kore-Eda Hirokazu (Shoplifters). The intimate portrait she draws in her precocious first feature is a sophisticated take on a cramped household where three generations of the same family coexist. A delicately handled work with universal appeal.

“One of the best films to come out this year from the country, particularly due to the insight it offers to the Korean modern society.” Han Cinema
“Moving On” may be a quintessentially Korean film about a traditional Korean family unit, but it is to Yoon Dan-bi’s credit that its multi-layered content has universal appeal and can be relatable to cultures and families around the world.” Asian Movie Pulse

Bright Future Prize - Rotterdam Film Festival
NETPAC Award, Citizen Critics’ Award, Director’s Guild of Korea Award - Busan Film Festival


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Yoon Dan-Bi

No biography

2015 (Shorts)

distribution and credits

  • Screenplay Yoon Dan-Bi
  • Producer Yoon Dan-Bi, Kim Gi-Hyeon
  • Cast Choi Jung-Un, Yang Heung-Ju, Park Hyeon-Yeong, Park Seung-Jun

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