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QUéBEC | 109 minutes | 2020


A runaway actress desperate to learn English, a screenwriter working on the story of a bomb- defusing poet, a priest with a penchant for smell-based sermons and . . . Denzel Washington? Backed by a dozen others, these characters weave together the multiple stands of a wide-ranging chaotic work that defies easy definition. A regular at the FNC (Les Arts de la parole, En attendant Avril), Godin serves up what might be his most ambitious film to date: a feast of sparkling dialogue and comic absurdity that even manages to rope in the philosophy of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Presented by Québec Cinéma


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Olivier Godin

No biography

2020 – Il n'y a pas de faux métier (fiction)
2018 – En attendant Avril (fiction)
2016 – Les arts de la parole (fiction)
2014 – Nouvelles, Nouvelles(fiction)
2011 – Le pays des âmes (fiction)

2020 – Dracula Sex Tape (fiction)
2015 – Les brigands de l’hôtel bleu (fiction)
2014 – Feu de Bengale (fiction)
2013 – Le plantain (essai)
2013 – Full Love (fiction)
2012 – La boutique de forge (fiction)
2010 – Le livre des abeilles (fiction)
2009 – Tout à fait gris (fiction)
2008 – Danger of Death (pour pénélope) (fiction)
2008 – L’étoile Polaire (fiction)

distribution and credits

  • Screenplay Olivier Godin
  • Producer Olivier Godin
  • Cast Florence Blain Mbaye, Ève Duranceau, Fayolle Jean, Leslie Mavangui, François-Simon Poirier, Tatiana Zinga Botao

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