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GERMANY | 88 minutes | 2019

The robots of the future are almost upon us, so be prepared! Through two parallel subjects – a Japanese grandmother with a domestic robot and a run-of-the-mill American with a humanoid girlfriend – the filmmaker investigates humanity’s looming social problems in an unpredictable future coming faster than we naively expected. The oddly chilling Hi, A.I. employs irony and absurdity to brilliantly confront the gaps in communication, love and emotion that are in store. Reminiscent of David Lynch, with the warped humour of Werner Herzog, this fascinating documentary will haunt you for a long time to come.

In collaboration with RIDM.

"... says more about humans than it does about robots. Loneliness, disconnection, and isolation appear to develop in tandem with A.I." povmagazine
"...amazingly entertaining. Hi, A.I. is an engaging and far-reaching look at what exactly it is to be human in a social sense." Filmera
« Willinger filme aussi (voire surtout) les moments où l’illusion humaine se fissure malgré la virtuosité technologique. ... un mélange d’espoir naïf et de fêlures assez émouvant. » Le Polyester

Visions du Réel Film Festival

Best Documentary Award - Max Ophüls Preis Festival



Thursday October 10, 2019

Program #17
Cineplex Odeon Quartier SALLE 14

Sunday October 20, 2019

Program #266
Cinémathèque - Salle Fernand-Seguin

Isa Willinger

No biography

2016/17 Worte aus Stein, HD , 30 Min
2016/17 Macht der Musik, Musik der Macht. Kann Musik politisch sein? Musik und Politik in Zeiten von
Krieg und Frieden, HD, 52 Min
(WDR/ARTE), in co-directed with Maria Stodtmeier
2013 Fort von allen Sonnen, HD , 77 Min (HFF , BR/ARTE )
2011 Geteilte Stadt, geteilte Wege, Kurzdok. fu r Umweltreferat Mu nchen, 7, HD
2010 Better save than sorry, social spot, 1 min, HD, (produced by Michael Ballhaus)
2009 Pornoprotokolle, Dokumentarflm, 71 min, DV 2007 Maria, Dokumentarflm, 11 min, 16mm (Regie &
2005 Regina, Vera, Alek – Russians in New York, Dokumentarflm, 17 min, 16mm (Regie & Kamera)

distribution and credits

  • Camera Julian Krubasik
  • Music Robert Pilgram
  • Editing Stephan Krumbiegel, Olaf Voigtlaender
  • Screenplay Isa Willinger
  • Producer Stefan Kloos

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