UNITED KINGDOM, United States | 116 minutes | 1979

A spaceship visits a planet where it should never have stopped. Alone with the terrors of deep space, facing a murderous xenomorph that patiently lies in wait for its prey, five astronauts soon find themselves in a battle for survival. A classic among classics, this proto-feminist film paved the way for a genre cinema renaissance, and remains a major source of inspiration. Alien is a unique work of art (see Memory: The Origins of Alien, also being screened this year), and it is turning 40 this year. A superb opportunity to see a truly great film on the big screen (the rightful place for cult-film worship), in a restored print.


Saturday October 12, 2019

Program #51
Cinéma Impérial

As part of La Grande nuit ALIEN du FNC

Ridley Scott

No biography

1977 The Duellists
1979 Alien
1982 Blade Runner
1985 Legend
1987 Someone to Watch Over Me
1989 Black Rain
1991 Thelma & Louise
1992 1492: Conquest of Paradise
1996 White Squall
1997 G.I. Jane
2000 Gladiator
2001 Hannibal
2001 Black Hawk Down
2003 Matchstick Men
2005 Kingdom of Heaven
2006 A Good Year
2007 American Gangster
2008 Body of Lies
2010 Robin Hood
2012 Prometheus
2013 The Counselor
2014 Exodus: Gods and Kings
2015 The Martian
2017 Alien: Covenant
2017 All the Money in the World

distribution and credits

  • Screenplay Dan O'Bannon, Ronald Shusett
  • Producer Gordon Carroll, David Giler, Walter Hill
  • Cast Sigourney Weaver, Tom Skerrit, Veronica Cartwright

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