Roundtable with filmmakers and producers who had to suddenly shutdown or postpone their shoots due to COVID. How did they cope? Were there any alternatives? Was there any positive impact despite this forced pause?

In collaboration with the Bureau Estrien de l'Audiovisuel et du Multimédia (Le BEAM)


Friday October 9, 2020


With the presence of

Miryam Charles

Miryam Charles is a Montreal based Canadian filmmaker. She studied cinema at Concordia University and has worked as a director, producer, writer, and cinematographer. Her short films include Fly, Fly Sadness (2015), Towards the Colonies (2016), A Fortress (2018), and Three Atlas (2018). Her works have been screened at various film festivals around the world. Her latest short film Second Generation (2019) was presented at TIFF. A retrospective of her work was presented at the cinémathèque québécoise (2019). In 2020, a second retrospective was presented during the fourth edition of the Third Horizon Film Festival in addition to an installation at the Leonard and Ellen Bina Gallery in Montreal. She is currently working on her first documentary feature, which has been awarded a grant from the Talents to watch program (Telefilm Canada).

Geneviève Gosselin-G.

Geneviève Gosselin-G. is a producer from Montreal, Quebec. She served as producer on Philippe Lesage’s second feature film Genesis, which premiered at Locarno, and went on to win several prestigious awards (Los Cabos, Vallodolid, Namur). She also produced several short films, including Pier-Philippe Chevigny’s Vétérane and Rebel, and is currently developing Alexa-Jeanne Dubé's Fantômes and Marianne Métivier's Une Splendeur de vivre.

Samuel Gagnon

After spending 10 years distributing films from acclaimed directors such as Wong Kar-Wai, Shohei Imamura and Bruno Dumont, he founded the production company Zuno Films, now Objectif 9. "Montreal Girls" that he just produced with his partner Bahija Essoussi was his ninth feature film. He also produced "Old Buddies" from Claude Gagnon that will be released shortly, as well as "Kamataki" which received a Special Mention of the Jury in Berlin.

Jeanne-Marie Poulain

Jeanne-Marie joined Art & Essai in 2014, producing films that have toured the planet, making waves at festivals including Berlin, Sundance, Locarno and TIFF. Since 2019, she has taken over the reins at Art & Essai.

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