The gaze of Indigenous youth in the spotlight: discover the 2019 short-film selection in the presence of the artists! Take part in the Audience Award and vote for your favorite film. Encourage the youth in their journey, support the Wapikoni and support the cinematographic creation at
the service of the cultural expression and identity.

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Thursday October 10, 2019

Cinéma Impérial

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Anna Jean-Sebastien Lord — KNGFU + Amythos Productions

Jean-Sebastien’s anticipated trilogy Anna is lyrical, intense, psychological and anxiety-provoking – what Pinocchio’s fable would be if seen through the twin lenses...


Caroline Poggi was born in Ajaccio in 1990; Jonathan Vinel in Toulouse in 1988. They have directed a number of short films, both separately and together. The aesthetics...

Wapikoni Retrospective: 15 Years and Counting

With Wapikoni’s team and founder, Manon Barbeau, come to the 15year retrospective of Wapikoni’s work; 15 short films, 15 years of Indigenous cinema.Presented by...

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