Atelier Namaste will show you the work that goes on behind the scenes of your favourite films! You will learn and understand all of cinema’s different professions as well as the equipment used to create images and capture sounds!


Saturday October 10, 2020


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Isabelle Guimond is an artist who loves to paint and draw. Through her, we will discover the phenomenon of pareidolia, a visual illusion where familiar shapes are seen in...

Mad Max Night

A cloud of dust on the blacktop. Welcome to the endless highway of a lost world. Follow the smell of diesel, the black gold of the barbarians that we are. Time to attack...

Explore - Master Class: Michelle and Uri Kranot

As part of its FNC Explore section, devoted to new media, the Festival du nouveau cinéma invites you to an online master class with artists Michelle and Uri Kranot. As...

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