COVID-19: Sanitary Measures

Welcoming you into a safe environment is a top priority for us. Please read and comply with the following health measures to ensure you have an enjoyable time attending screenings at the FNC from October 7 to 18, 2020, in Montreal.  

General guidelines: 

- Disinfect your hands when you arrive.

- Wear your face covering when not sitting in your seat.

- Maintain a distance of two metres at all times.

- Avoid any unnecessary walking around.

- Sit in the seat assigned to you by our staff.

- Cough into your sleeve.

- Wash your hands frequently.

- After the screening, stay seated and put on your face covering. Festivalgoers will leave row by row, as per instructions from our staff. 


• For everyone’s safety, please stay home if you:


- Have symptoms of COVID-19 (extreme fatigue, dry cough, fever);

- Have travelled outside Canada in the last 14 days;

- Have been in contact with a potential carrier of the disease;

- Are waiting for your test results.

This rule also applies to our employees and volunteers. 

If you would still like to enjoy the Festival, you can exchange your physical ticket for a valid online one by writing to [email protected] in advance. If you present one of these criteria and would still like to enjoy the Festival, you can exchange your physical ticket for a valid online one by writing to [email protected] maximum 6h before the scheduled screening.

If you have a reservation for a free event, simply cancel your reservation in advance by writing to  [email protected].


• The capacity of Festival venues has been reduced to ensure regulatory distance between festival-goers.


• For the Cinéma Impérial, when purchasing a single or double ticket, regulatory distancing is automatically applied to the interactive seating plan, thus blocking neighboring seats.


• For the place des Festivals and the drive-in, the staff will assign you a place on your arrival to respect the regulatory distance and avoid any unnecessary traffic.


• Tickets will be sold online only to limit queues and facilitate entry to the venue


• The contact surfaces will be cleaned regularly and the Cinéma Impérial room will be disinfected by a professional team between each screening.


• When you get to the site, please stay within the designated waiting areas. You are required to maintain physical distancing in the lineup, and face coverings are mandatory in the indoor and outdoor spaces of the Festival grounds.


• When you arrive at the site, please disinfect your hands. Reception staff will check your electronic tickets and you will be shown to your seat (or your parking spot in the case of the drive-in).


• For the bar service at Cinéma Impérial, waiters will take your order from your seat in order to limit movement. Payment will be by card only, and we ask that you remain in your seat while consuming your drink. 


• Face coverings are mandatory in both the indoor and the outdoor spaces of the Festival site (Place des Festivals and drive-in). However, you may remove them once you are in your seat (or your car in the case of the drive-in). After the screening, we ask that you put on your face covering before you leave the venue row by row. At the drive-in, cars will also leave row by row.


• To make it easier to keep two metres apart in the admission and bathroom lineups, just stand on the marks on the floor. 


• Avoid any unnecessary walking around.


Thank you and enjoy the Festival!



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