Festival Venues

The Festival du nouveau cinéma encompasses more than 10 different sites in Montreal. It's also a lot of movies, a different type of cinema and the source of a common passion to all our members and visitors: movie theatres. If you want to touch base with us follow the guide. But above all, have a great festival!


    The Hydro-Québec Agora (~300m2 + ~100m2) is located in the old ironworks of the Montreal Technical School built in 1910. It is a unique example of an early century, modern industrial space. 


    175 Président-Kennedy Ave, corner Jeanne-Mance (Metro Place-des-Arts, bus 80)


    Located at the heart of the town, the building is a top-of-the-line cinema production and broadcasting complex.



    3536 Saint-Laurent Blvd (Metro Saint-Laurent, bus 55)

  • Cinéma Impérial, Centre Sandra & Léo Kolber, Salle Lucie et André Chagnon

    Built in 1913 and recognized as a historical monument, the Cinéma Imperial now features exceptional projection qualities. With its 819 seat capacity, the Cinéma Imperial offers the Festival a higher capacity location that can accommodate a greater amount of festival-goers when broadcasting certain popular title selected at the Festival. 

    1430 de Bleury St. (Metro Place-des-Arts, bus 80)

  • Pavillon Judith-Jasmin Annexe (Cinéma 1)


    1564 Saint-Denis St. (Metro Berri-UQÀM)

  • Cinéplex Odéon Quartier Latin

    Cineplex is proud to sponsor the FNC. Members of its SCENE loyalty program get a 2 for 1 when they buy an admission ticket for a movie presented as part of the FNC at Cineplex Odeon Quartier Latin Cinemas. Membership is free. To join, visit

    350 Émery St. (Metro Berri-UQÀM)

  • Promenade des Artistes du Quartier des Spectacles


    De Maisonneuve Blvd & Jeanne Mance St. (Metro Place-des-Arts)

  • HÔTEL 10

    Blending modern design with a nod to history in chic Montreal, Hotel 10 is ideally located on the Main right next to the vibrant entertainment district. Formerly the Opus Hotel, Hotel 10 offers custom guestrooms combining comfortable furniture with the latest technology.

    10 Sherbrooke west St. (Metro Saint-Laurent, bus 55)



    A smart building for art is exciting creative ideas of all manners, for all manner of people, coming from all manner of context possible - from the neighbourhood to the other side of the planet. A smart building for art, is a space for producing work that is inspiring and thought-provoking; work that is responsive and edgy, that wakes you up and is a motor for change. A smart building for art with a host of production studios and creative spaces – the most sophisticated technical resources available in the hands of artists and innovators.



    407 Saint-Pierre St. (Metro Square-Victoria)

  • Hôtel Gault

    Hotel Gault is an oase in the heart of Montreal. A few minutes away from the center, the Hotel Gault offers 30 gorgeous suites, each one furnished with fine architectural details. With its historical and beautiful frontage and its modern indoor design, the Hotel Gault is well located near from great restaurants, spas, art galleries in Old Montreal district.



    449 Sainte-Hélène St. (Metro Square-Victoria)

  • JA de Sève Theater Université Concordia

    1400 de Maisonneuve west St. (Metro Guy-Concordia)

  • Moving Image Research Laboratory Université McGill

    855 Sherbrooke west Leacock building Local B46 (Metro McGill, bus 24)


    1201 Saint-Laurent Blvd (Metro Saint-Laurent)


    Eastern Bloc is an exhibition and arts production centre dedicated to New Media and interdisciplinary art. The vision at Eastern Bloc is to explore and push the creative boundaries in digital and electronic arts, audio/video installation, multimedia performance and other emerging practices.

    7240 Clark St. 2nd floor (Metro de Castelnau)

  • café zone internet

    680 Jean-Talon west St. (Metro Parc)