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North-American Premiere

Hitoshi Matsumoto‘s latest film, SAYA ZAMURAI (Scabbard Samurai, Japan, 2011) was just added to Temps ø programming! The feature film will be presented in North-American premiere on October 22 octobre at 3pm at Cinéma Impérial.

Samurai Kanjuro Nori has laid down his sword. Since his wife died, he no longer wants to fight. He’s also stopped talking. Withdrawn to the point of blankness, he takes to the countryside with his young daughter, Tae. Unfortunately, they’re captured by the shogun and thrown in prison. The penalty for losing one’s sword is death, but Kanjuro is given 30 days to redeem himself. He must put together 30 comic acts to get a laugh out of a young boy who hasn’t laughed since his mother died. Many before him have tried; none has succeeded.

On the heels of the excellent Dai Nipponjin (aka Big Man Japan, 2007) and Symbol (2009), Hitoshi Matsumoto ― hands down the wackiest filmmaker around! ― once again surprises us with another concept film that commands respect. Matsumoto, a huge comedy star in Japan, proves with Saya Zamurai that he’s also one of the country’s best filmmakers. A cross between Terry Gilliam and Jacques Tati, it’s a rare film whose profound humanity, poetic grace and sheer creative clout combine in a tour de force of subtlety and quiet strength. A beautifully tragic comedy that’s also a brilliant meditation on humour, it’s bound to be an audience favourite!

To watch the trailer, click here.