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    The Best Quebec Film Magazine.

  • Cult Montreal

    Cult MTL is a daily culture, music and news website, and monthly print publication. We cover cultural events, local artists and entrepreneurs and social and political issues in the city. Every day, we curate a To-Do List, because there’s never a lack of activity here, just a shortage of savvy voices to steer you to the best of it.

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    Infopresse is a media company specializing in communication, design and creativity content. Our monthly magazine  and daily newsletter delivers quality content for all the communication, marketing and graphic design industry in Quebec. Infopresse produces also conferences, training, awards, books and TV production.

  • Grafika

    Grafika newsletter brings weekly graphic design news to all the Quebec community.

  • Dress to Kill Magazine

    Don’t just dress, « DRESS TO KILL »! Born in 2008 in the heart of Old Port Montreal, printed in French and in English, Dress to Kill takes you into a journey between Vogue and Interview. Where edgy streets of Berlin and high society of New York meets Montreal most avant-guardiste artists. A most have bible for every «fashionistas »!

  • ION Magazine

    A CUTTING EDGE PORTAL FOR INDEPENDENT CULTURE Over the past 8 years ION has become known as the award winning independent go-to magazine with a clear focus on featuring cutting edge innovators in the areas of music, film, art, culture and fashion.

  • Snap

    SNAP! is a free quarterly art fashion and culture magazine available in stores across Canada, by postage and online here. With an emphasis on emerging talent, SNAP! collaborates with a broad range of photographers, artists and writers to present a magazine that is original, smart and playful.

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    For over seven years, Urbania has amassed a readership among inquisitive professionals, decision-makers, and the young socially active crowd, and to this day, it continues to entertain, inform, and fascinate. By drawing the extraordinary out of the ordinary, by spending time on people and their stories, by examining every aspect of every topic, we succeed  in capturing the interest of visitors  to our website, readers of our magazine, viewers of our television series, and guests at our events.

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    Founded in 1984, Les Éditions esse publish esse arts + opinions, a bilingual magazine that focuses on various disciplinary and interdisciplinary practices. Through the years, esse has succeeded in gaining a strong reputation that allows it to play an active part on the artistic scene. Les Éditions esse also publish specialized art books. These are distributed internationally. Subscriptions and shop online.

  • Curious Montreal

    CURIOUS Montréal souhaite briser les barrières et créer une communauté de talents où les différents artistes et designers pourront partager leurs connaissances selon leur expertise propre et élargir leur réseau.

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    Hors Champ

    Created in 1996, Hors champ is an Web journal that proposes a space devoted to critical reflexion on cinema and medias. We publish articles and are involved in different curatorial work, such as film programming, conferences and meetings between filmmakers and the Montreal public.

  • Nouveau Projet

    A Montréal-based general-interest magazine that publishes fresh and inspiring writing about our times, our world and ourselves. Nouveau Projet aims to feed the public discussions and unite the progressive forces in Québec.

  • Bazzart

    BAZZART : window on art and culture, is a prominent independent magazine that commands the attention of more than 30,000 curious minds keen on discovering new talents in cinema, visual arts, theatre, literature, crafts and cartooning in Quebec. Subscription : 4 issues for $20 (taxes included).

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    Cinéma Scope

    Packed with reviews, essays and interviews, the independently published film quarterly Cinema Scope is geared to cinephiles looking for an intelligent and lively forum on world cinema. With unparalleled depth and breadth, Cinema Scope has earned the reputation worldwide of being the best film magazine in the English language.

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    CJLO is Concordia University's one and only radio station. CJLO is 100% non-profit, and run almost entirely by volunteers. The station is located in the heart of the Loyola campus in the NDG borough of Montreal and there are over eighty DJ's spinning for your listening pleasure.

  • Buzz radio

    99.9 The BUZZ is the only Modern Rock Alternative station covering Montreal and Northern Vermont and New York.  Featuring Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Linkin Park, Kings Of Leon and many new artists.

  • CTVM.jpg

    With over 5000 issues delivered to its subscribers over the last 22 years, is the primary information source and reference for Quebec’s cinema, television and multimedia professionals. Today and more than ever, is an essential and privileged link to an ever-changing industry that is constantly facing new challenges. With its daily bulletin for subscribers, its website and real time news updates via Twitter and its Facebook page, remains «the» reference.

  • Film International

    New Cinemas Volume 10, 2012 3 issues per year New Cinemas interrogates established understandings of late-twentieth century and contemporary cinematic theory and practice, offering a refreshing approach to contemporary film studies. Focusing on all that is novel or has been hitherto overlooked, it provides an up-to-date forum for the discussion of the cinema of today, and of tomorrow.

  • quifaitquoi.jpg

    Qui Fait Quoi

    For over 25 years now, Qui fait Quoi is a must-read for those who need to keep up with the latest movie news and information from television and multimedia industries. With its daily newsletter, the monthly magazine, its annual directory of over 6,000 professionals and companies and its web site, Qui fait Quoi is the reference tool for the professionals. Furthermore, its new service is now the recruiting tool for professionals from the cultural and communications industries.

  • Le Mur Mitoyen

    Le Mur Mitoyen is a collaborative online calendar highlighting cultural, scientific and citizen events of the metropolitan area of Montreal. It focuses on increasing the accessibility to event information in the most usable way. Its design is based on simplicity, accessibility and openness.

  • McGill Daily

    In publication for over 100 years, the Daily is the original independant student newspaper at McGill University and is well known in Canada for its award-winning, thought-provoking articles.

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    Versus Revue

    Versus is a french cinematographer magazine and a kind of elitist film analysis guide. Written for a specific niche of true cinema and literature lovers, Versus offers more than simple reviews (old and new movies), but a full reflection about The Seventh Art for demanding readers in Europe and Quebec.

  • Coco.jpg

    Coco Montréal

    Coco Montreal is a Japanese monthly free newspaper distributed in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary etc. The magazine has grown to include English and French columns. We introduce local festivals, community events, restaurants, Japanese culture, Canadian culture and many other columns on local events and information.

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    ACF is the exclusive rights representative for numerous major Canadian, American, and international studios and producers. We offer short-term and long-term (annual) public performance copyright licences that allow public, private and commercial organizations to present copyrighted films without infringing upon the Canadian Copyright Act.

  • Inter, art actuel

    Inter, art actuel is an art magazine about the diverse forms of contemporary art, from performance to installation, interrogating the relations between art, society, culture and politics.  Entirely produced in Quebec City since 1978,  has collaborators all over the Province and in the international art scene.

  • Montréal pour enfants

    Montréal pour Enfants magazine and web site offer relevant and significant information that parents will need throughout the year. An unquestionable tool for our Quebec families! Every edition includes a local events calendar and an important coverage of popular topics exclusively for parents with prenatal to preteen children.


  • Académie Ciné.TV


    is the definitive resource for anyone aspiring to work in film, television, and web or event video. The aim of this unique international portal is to provide training, information and reference material. A treasure trove of information to help complete your projects.

  • is an Internet portal where you can find local resources of Montreal. Our directories counts more than 4,200 nonprofit organizations and 27 000 businesses. You will also find a lot of relevant content: press releases, events calendar, jobs and volunteering.


    xclaim! Magazine features in-depth coverage of new music across all genres with special focus on Canadian and cutting-edge artists. Content is based on the monthly print publication, publishes 11 issues per year, distributing over 100,000 copies to over 2,600 locations across Canada. also features reviews, interviews and profiles not found in the print publication.

  • Galeries Montréal

    The go-to cultural reference for galleries and art venues in Montreal. With Montreal Galleries' web and mobile platforms: Explore a database of more than 105 exhibition venues, Discover art venues walking tours, Find out about vernissages, exhibitions, and visual arts events.

  • Panorama-cinéma

    Started in 2003, Panorama-cinéma offers its readers hundreds of reviews and more : in-depth retrospectives, interviews with both actors and filmmakers as well as coverage of many major international film festivals. We believe art and entertainment can coexist and our goal is to offer critical coverage of both new releases and classics.

  • cinoche.jpg

    Cinoche has established its reputation as Québec's movie reference and is now known to all movie lovers in Québec. The website is the number one choice for anyone trying to quench their movie thirst, whether they are looking for news updated hourly, movie trailers, reviews, theatres schedules, contests and more.

  • Mata Hari

    Mata Hari Mag is an independent web platform that essentially promotes auteur cinema and Media Arts in Montreal. Its six years of existence have made it into one of the key players in terms of promotional window for these sectors. Visit the website to subscribe to its newsletter.

  • Cinéma Montréal

    Cinema Montreal, the top movie website in Greater Montreal since 1996, wishes you a wonderful time at the Festival!

  • atuvu.jpg is a social network of culture fans which proposes to its partners public development services. offers to its 70,000 members promotional tickets for many events in Québec.

  • Montreal Serai

    Montreal Serai is a progressive 26-year-old ezine with over 400 consecrated and emerging writers, artists and analysts providing a critical take on cultural, artistic and political manifestations to a cosmopolitan readership. Its incisive articles and daily blogs on Montreal film festivals bear testimony to  Serai’s commitment to  the Seventh Art.

  • Zouch Magazine

    Stoking the independent spirit of artists and writers since 2010, Zouch is a literature, arts and society rag with an old-school Victorian edge.


  • Zone Festival

    Zone Festival has a mission to offer innovative web applications to increase efficiency and productivity while organising and managing information for cultural events worldwide.

  • Smartpixel

    We offer various different types of large format touchscreens such as interactive tables, kiosks, videowalls and shop windows, and we developp interactive multitouch applications to be placed into our systems.

  • Inso Microboutique
  • Fake

    FAKE Digital Entertainment is a DCP and production company of cutting-edge digital visual effects, working in the fields of film, television, Internet and advertising. In 2012, FAKE won the first Genie Award for Best Visual Effects for Café de Flore. FAKE also won numerous awards with its commercial production.

  • Main Film

    Main Film is a non-profit artist-run centre dedicated to independent film. Main Film’s mandate is to facilitate, stimulate and promote independent filmmaking.

  • Insertech
  • MATV

    MAtv is the community channel for Videotron customers. It is open to all. MAtv offers useful, informative and educational multi-screen television programming in a connected, entertaining environment.

  • Archambault

    Archambault is a true cultural gateway for Quebec. We provide our clientele with an extensive range of quality entertainment products for the whole family. Archambault, a Quebecor Media company, operates 15 store locations, an eStore, and the Paragraphe English-language bookstore. We employ nearly 1,000 individuals whose dedication to excellence allows us to offer:  Quebec's largest music store;  the province's leading source of musical instrument and sheet music sales;  an unparalleled selection of books; among the widest offers of French-language eBooks;  an extensive choice of products, including DVDs, office supplies, games, toys, and gifts; North America's largest French-language online store and Quebec's leading platform for download sales, offering more than 80,000 French-language eBooks and over 3 million MP3s; Corporate & Institutional Services delivering a range of cultural resources tailored to North American public and private institutions through our dedicated website.

  • Quartier Latin

    Quarter Latin, natural landmark of the Septième art, is the perfect place to rendez-vous, offering more than 150 shops, restaurants, bars and… movie screens! Make yourself at home!

  • BCTQ

    The Québec Film and Television Council’s mission is to contribute to the development of Québec's competitiveness as a world-class film and television production centre.


    À la défense des intérêts et des droits professionnels, économiques, culturels, sociaux et moraux de ses membres, l’Association des réalisateurs et réalisatrices du Québec regroupe les réalisateurs et réalisatrices francophones pigistes travaillant principalement dans les domaines du cinéma, de la télévision et du web.

  • Le Groupe Ouest

    Le Groupe Ouest seeks to further film-making in Brittany in a context of European cooperation and innovation. Le Groupe Ouest is a partner of the TorinoFilmLab and a partner and co-founder of the Cross Channel Film Lab.

  • NAYA

    Drawing its natural spring water from the Laurentians in Quebec, Naya’s philosophy is to offer natural spring water with exceptional quality while minimizing its environmental footprint. In 2010, Naya became the first company in the world to offer a water bottle made with 100% post-consumer recycled plastic.

  • Saint-Justin

    Saint-Justin is an unique water: it is the only true mineral water bottled in glass directly at the spring itself, in Quebec. Soft, smooth, digestive and just bubbly enough, friendly and comfortable for the well-being of your stomach. A genuine water with taste, a water that just has to be savoured.

  • La QV

    La QV is a wine agency specializing in organic products available in private import and also at the SAQ.

  • DomaineP_Logo_IceCider.jpg

    Domaine Pinnacle

    Recognized internationally and voted Best Product of Quebec 2011, Domaine Pinnacle ice cider is the most acclaimed. Lauded by critics, chefs and sommeliers alike, Domaine Pinnacle’s products set the standard for fine regional products in more than 45 countries.

  • Kiju

    That’s what Kiju® is all about : 100% organic juice with natural goodness and great taste that can only come from organically grown fruit. Be kind to yourself and kind to the planet. Make a choice that’s true to nature.

  • Ungava Premium Gin

    Ungava Premium Dry Gin is the first Quebec-made gin. Perfected using indigenous herbs and berries harvested in Northern Quebec, Ungava was recently awarded Best in Show at the renowned World Spirit Awards held in Austria. It has also received numerous accolades in other prestigious competitions around the globe. Produced by Domaine Pinnacle, Ungava is now considered a must-have for terroir enthusiasts!

  • Fontaine Santé
  • Druide

    DRUIDE®, Certified Organic Body Care and Cosmetics, world pioneer since 1979.

  • Pvt-Montréal

    Your partner for your move to Canada. You want to go to Canada, PVT-Montreal helps you. We have created this website to share our experience and give you all the keys you need to enjoy your journey. You will find reliable and pertinent hints and a pretty big community. See you in Canada.

  • Hostelling international

    Hostelling International is a not-for-profit organization and the largest network of hostels with 4 000 hostels across the world and 4 000 000 members. With its numerous partnerships and tailored activities, the HI-Montreal Hostel aims for travellers to experience the best of Montreal’s one-of-a-kind and exciting local culture.


  • La boite noire

    Is an independent video store situated at 750 Beaubien East (corner Chateaubriand)
    Come and take advantage of our wide selection of foreign movies and also the newest titles and tv series! 25 years proud to serve you!


  • Pop_logo.jpg

    Pop Montréal

    Le Festival international de musique POP Montréal est un événement culturel annuel à but non lucratif qui encourage l’indépendance artistique en présentant des artistes émergents et renommés du monde entier. Le festival propose des conférences, des expositions d’artisanat et d’art visuel, des défilés de mode, des projections de films et, bien sûr, des fêtes qui durent jusqu’au bout de la nuit.


  • La Tohu


  • RIDM.jpg


    As Quebec’s only film festival devoted entirely to documentaries, the RIDM's purpose is to showcase new points of view and innovative perspectives. This year’s event takes place from November 10 to 21 and includes screenings of over 100 films from more than 30 countries.

  • Cinema Politica

    Cinema Politica is a media arts, non-profit network of community and campus locals that screen independent political film and video by Canadian and international artists throughout Canada and abroad. It is volunteer-run and all screenings are by donation.


  • LogoCom-Couleur-FondBlanc.jpg

    André Laurendeau CEGEP

    André-Laurendeau Cégep offers a pre-university degree in Communication which is divided in three specific options: Cinema & Television, Journalism, and Interactive Media & Web TV.  Our students acquire practical and theoretical knowledge necessary to the continuation of their studies in a University program of their choice.

  • Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema, Concordia

    Concordia University's Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema enjoys a long-standing reputation as one of Canada¹s foremost environments for the study and creation of moving images. The School is the largest, university-based centre for the study of film animation, film production and film studies in Canada.

  • René-Malo Chaire

    The René-Malo Chair in film and cultural production strategies (Chair Rene Malo) supports the development of young artists in film for the implementation and execution of initiatives and measures that could contribute to the development of talents from Quebec. The René-Malo Chair also helps young producers who want to work for the influence of Québec culture in Quebec, Canada and internationally. By supporting the training of young artists in cinema and young producers, the René-Malo Chair contributes to the advancement of knowledge, stimulates creativity and innovation, and actively participates in cultural leadership of Quebec.


  • Les éditions La Pastèque

    Les éditions La Pastèque ont été fondées en juillet 1998. La maison a pour but de proposer un support d'expression à des illustrateurs et scénaristes québécois qui désirent se lancer dans la bande dessinée, regrouper des travaux d'auteurs issus de plusieurs pays et de différents horizons et promouvoir la bande dessinée québécoise.

  • Librairie Gallimard

    La librairie Gallimard de Montréal, c’est LA librairie des littératures et des idées en Amérique du nord. Elle  a vu le jour le 9 novembre 1989 sur le côté Ouest de la Main, au cœur du Boulevard Saint-Laurent. Depuis ses débuts, la librairie est le lieu privilégié de toutes les littératures.

  • Librairie Le Port de Tête

    Installée sur l’avenue Mont-Royal, notre librairie est au cœur de la vie culturelle montréalaise depuis mai 2007. Notre souci principal est d’offrir à notre clientèle des livres de qualité, neufs ou d’occasion, dans tous les domaines. Nos forces sont la littérature, la philosophie, les arts, les albums jeunesse, les bandes dessinées, ainsi que les livres rares et épuisés.