CANADA | 4 minutes | 2017

In a remote northern valley of Nova Scotia, a camera travels down a river towards an 80-foot waterfall.


Ashley McKenzie

Ashley McKenzie is from Cape Breton Island, Canada. Her debut feature film Werewolf was made there with an entirely local cast. Werewolf had its world premiere at TIFF, won the Grand Prix Focus QC/Canada at Festival du nouveau cinema, and was named one of Canada’s Top 10 Features by TIFF. Ashley writes and directs films that blend formalism with gritty realism. Her award-winning short films include 4 Quarters (2015), Stray (2013), When You Sleep (2012), and Rhonda’s Party (2010). She formed Grassfire Films in 2011 with lifelong best friend and producer, Nelson MacDonald.

Werewolf (2016, 80 minutes)
4 Quarters (2015, 14 minutes)
Stray (2014, 14 minutes)


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