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QUEBEC | 25 minutes | 2017

Prisoners of their technology-bound lives, Julie and Victor feel disillusioned with humanity. They stumble upon a mysterious group who, after stripping them bare, welcomes them and gives them ready-made roles to play. Joining the strangers, they head into the forest toward an unknown destination, until they come under sudden attack. As they face this threat together, Julie and Victor will need to separate truth from fiction. Or simply surrender to the pleasure of artifice...


Friday October 6, 2017

Program #44
Cinémathèque - Salle Principale

Saturday October 14, 2017

Program #290
Cinémathèque - Salle Principale


Yan Giroux

No biography

2017 - Lost Paradise Lost / Fiction / 24 min. / HD
2013 - Mi nina mi vida / Fiction / 19 min. /HD
2011 - Surveillant / Fiction / 17 min. / HD
2011 - Français - Un 14 juillet à Marseille / Documentaire / 86 min. / HD
2009 - Synchro / Fiction / 3 min. / HD
2009 - Élégant / Documentaire / 84 min. / Video
2007 - Il faut que je parle à mon père / Fiction / 17 min. / HD
2007 - Cubanos - Vie et mort d’une revolution / Documentaire / 82 min. / Video
2003 - Autoportrait à la dent / Expérimental / 6 min. / Video

distribution and credits

  • Camera Olivier Laberge
  • Music Marie-Hélène L. Delorme
  • Editing Yan Giroux
  • Sound mixing Jean Paul Vialard
  • Sound designer Laurent Ouelette
  • Screenplay Guillaume Corbeil, Yan Giroux
  • Cast Ève Duranceau, William Pelletier
  • Artistic Director Geneviève Huot
  • Sound desgin Marie-Pierre Grenier


  • Les Films du 3 mars

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