CANADA | 6 minutes | 2017

Flash Flood, an animated documentary, brings three transgender voices to light while they share their intimate relationships with their identities.
Parallel to this, in a dreamlike universe, three people find themselves marooned separately during a cataclysmic flood event. As the three subjects struggle to find each other, memories and thoughts well up from deep within their bodies. Stories of growth, transition, and self-discovery punctuate these moments. The film is animated by volunteer transgender artists and animators from across the globe.

Animation credit : Harlo Martens, Reagan Gustin, Anna Blomgren, B. Coates, Allie Jett, Alli MacKay, Mikael Bjorklund

as part of the Rencontres pancanadiennes du cinéma étudiant


Thursday October 12, 2017

Program #236
Cineplex Odeon Quartier SALLE 16

As part of RPCÉ 1 en compétition

Alli MacKay

No biography

Flash Flood is Alli MacKay's first film.

distribution and credits

  • Animation Mikael Bjorklund, Harlo Martens
  • Sound desgin Patrick Fiore


  • Emily Carr University of Art and Design

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