For a number of years, the Festival du nouveau cinéma has made efforts to develop initiatives in favour of sustainable development, with the goal of encouraging festivalgoers and partners to adopt eco-friendly behaviour or expand on what they’re doing.

On the occasion of our 42nd edition, here are the initiatives that we will undertake to protect the environment:

Incentives to festivalgoers’ eco-mobility

Through various partnership agreements, contests, discounts offered with the purchase of Festival tickets, a shuttle made available to festivalgoers for certain screenings, etc., we encourage patrons to use public transit – bus, metro and train – to get to the Festival, not to mention carpooling and bikes!

Here are a few public transit organizations we are (or we plan to be) partnered with:

Reduction in printed promotional materials

In the last few years, the Festival has considerably reduced the printed materials it produces. Since 2009, the number of copies of the schedule has gone from over 210,000 to 125,000, and the number of pages has shrunk from 48 to 24.

We now put more emphasis on promoting our website and our free, downloadable mobile app, tools that complement the schedule and provide access to more comprehensive information more ergonomically than the schedule. Touch screens are also provided at our headquarters so that festivalgoers can access our programming interactively.

And our headquarters are equipped with recycling bins emblazoned with the FNC logo – no festivalgoer can miss them!

Priority given to local products for service sponsorships

The Festival gives priority to local businesses when developing its service sponsorships to reduce its environmental footprint.

Here are a few of the local business the Festival works with:

Support for organizations promoting eco-friendliness

Enfin, le Festival du nouveau cinéma s’associe à plusieurs organismes travaillant en faveur de l’éco-responsabilité afin de les soutenir et de leur faire bénéficier de plus de visibilité à travers nos outils de communications.

Voici les quelques organismes éco-responsables auxquels le Festival est associé (ou prévoit de s'associer):

Des questions, des commentaires, des suggestions dont vous aimeriez nous faire part pour améliorer notre éco-responsabilité ? Écrivez-nous à !