Direction & Management


Festival Director

Nicolas Girard Deltruc

Director of Programming

  Claude Chamberlan Feature film > Tribute / Retrospective

Cinema Scout and Purveyor all rolled into one. Inspired by everything for everyone.

His debonair madness as a host-organizer bursts forth in the ’60s with the Tombolas and Love-Ins. Lead vocalist forLes Soeurs de l'Opéra in the era of The Mothers of Invention, he sings Zappa, Jagger and Cocteau and attends John & Yoko’s bed-in.

’67 – The passion for cinema hits hard! With his mentor Dimitri Eipides, he creates an independent, avant-garde, experimental movie theatre—the Underground Film Centre, followed by the mythic Cinéma Parallèle and multimedia shows at its Café Méliès. Then it’s the Independent Filmmakers Cooperative and FilmFilm, distributor for more than 800 films and videos, with tours of indie Quebec/Canadian films to 28 European cities and publishing of film guides and catalogues.

’71 - The amazing Festival du nouveau cinéma is born, and through it he discovers a wealth of auteur filmmakers. After a special FNC program in New York, he creates Check Hit Out and begins specializing in event planning, tributes and retrospectives (Cassavetes, Boris Vian, Warhol, Spike Lee, Greenaway, Gena Rowlands…).

For cinema’s 100th birthday, he concocts his wildest project yet! He wins a listing in the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest movie screening of all time: a 250-hour non-stop panorama of films from 1889 to 1992. Around the same time, a woman wins the record for non-stop marathon movie watching: 136 films, 11 days, no sleep.

He directed three strange films, and is a walk-on in movies with Fellini, Pacino, Binamé and Pool. He launches MAGNIFICO, the Al Fresco Summer Film Event: outdoor screenings, underwater (Dive-In), in a bakery and a peep show on chic Saint-Laurent, a boulevard he loves. In a delirious fit of generosity, he pays one hundred people to go see a movie. Impssed, Annie Sprinkle anoints him “Pleasure Activist”.

’99 – He becomes head programmer at Ex-Centris and programmer at the funky Cinema du Parc. So everyone can join the fun, there’s movie karaoke with some unforgettable performances at CinéOké. He invents, reinvents, envisions and hands down—in every way imaginable—today’s and tomorrow’s cinema.



Finance and Institutional Relations Manager

Katayoun Dibamehr

Head Accountant

Mackenson Rony

Administrative Assistant

Adianet Aguilera