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why don't you play in hell? ( jigoku de naze warui )

Sion Sono | 2013 | O.V. Japanese | S.T. English | Japan | 126min | color

Synopsis :

“…a wild, perverse, and bloody tale guaranteed to leave the audience slack-jawed in shock.” — Toronto Film Festival

“...rousing, freewheeling, scattershot and ultimately astonishingly bloodthirsty film is a classic cult title that will keep midnight movie fans entertained and amused...” — Screen Daily

Take a former child star and a famous toothpaste ad. Combine them with an extremely vicious feud between yakuza syndicates. Add an over-the-top guerilla film crew, the Fuck Bombers, with snuff-film tendencies. Sprinkle with a Bruce Lee impersonator, a lot of blood (and I mean a lot) and some cut-off heads. Finish off with a French kiss performed with a mouth full of broken glass. Stir and you’ll get this gorefest that resembles nothing less than a war film about filmmaking.

All that could mean only one thing — the new Sion Sono (Suicide Club, Strange Circus, Guilty of Romance, etc.) is here! The darling of audiences and critics worldwide for the past few years, the filmmaker delivers a grindhouse comedy fuelled by anarchic, punk-rock energy and engineered for maximum viewing pleasure. The film, based on a script written 17 years ago, recently screened at the prestigious Venice and Toronto festivals (Midnight Madness Audience Award), where audiences who thought they’d seen it all had their illusions shattered. This is a brilliant example of making up your own rules. A splatter film, yes, but also an extreme performance about the art of telling stories.