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»irl« - in real life ( det andet liv )

Jonas Elmer | 2013 | O.V. Danish | S.T. English | Denmark | 105min | color

Synopsis :

Is it really possible to fall in love on the Internet? Is online love fundamentally dishonest? Or do the online personalities we create stand the test of real life? Jorgen, Klara and Thomas are soon to find out. Jorgen is a university professor, married for 26 years, who is carrying on a torrid online affair with the much younger Karl, who’s smitten with him. Klara, an employee at an optician’s, is head over heels in love with Valde, whom she met on a dating site. Thomas is an unassuming shoe salesman spurred to seek online respite from his unfulfilling marriage after he receives news that his stomach cancer has reappeared. But what happens when these virtual romances encounter the real world? Filmmaker Jonas Elmer (Let’s Get Lost) returns to his native Denmark after a foray into the United States with New in Town. Three years in the making, In Real Life was developed based on improvisations by his actors. An ensemble film that connects the private with the universal, In Real Life offers a keen and lucid portrayal of the ultra-modern solitude and relentless search for meaning so characteristic of contemporary life.