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le bon, la brute et le truand ( the good, the bad and the ugly )

Sergio Leone | 1966 | O.V. English | S.T. French | Italy, Spain, Germany | 179min | color

Synopsis :

"Boasting the most instantly familiar score, Leone's three-way Mexican standoff is the ultimate rush in spaghetti Westerns." – Time Out New York

“Art it is, summoned out of the imagination of Leone and painted on the wide screen so vividly that we forget what marginal productions these films were.” – Roger Ebert

"Leone's masterpiece and the greatest of all Spaghetti Westerns." – J. Hoberman, Village Voice

“All told, and in giant widescreen, it's only blood-red adolescent fun, but it blooms like Douglas Sirk with a Gatling gun compared to the teenage demographic's current fare.” – Michael Atkinson, Village Voice

Make no mistake: this is not just one of the greatest Westerns ever made, it’s also one of the greatest masterpieces in the history of cinema. It is superlative, a hugely ambitious opus on friendship and honour, the individual and society, war and violence. A film that bears repeated watching, not least for the Morricone musical score that rates among the greatest of all time, composed at the peak of his career. Don’t miss this free, outdoor, catered screening: it’s more than a film; it’s an act of worship. — Julien Fonfrède

Free outdoor screening in partnership with le Quartier des spectacles, Air France and STM.