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jeannot l'intrépide

Jean Image | 1950 | O.V. French | France | 80min | color

Synopsis :

3 years old +

“Les américains ont Walt Disney et nous avons Jean Image.” — Le monde

“Une sorte de UNE VIE DE BESTIOLE avant l'heure, la poésie en plus.” — Excessif

“Une féerie colorée d’une inépuisable fantaisie.” — Les inrockuptibles

Seven boys throw caution to the wind and head out to fight a giant ogre but are imprisoned by the monster once they get to his castle. They are then gobbled up by a diabolical sandwich-making machine that shrinks them to the size of insects. A series of events (and a thieving magpie) allow the youngest boy, Jeannot, to escape. His destination: “insect-land,” a magical world where insects rule, and where he hopes to find help.

JEANNOT L'INTRÉPIDE was inspired by the French fairytale LE PETIT POUCET as well as by Maurice Maeterlinck’s essays THE LIFE OF BEE and THE LIFE OF ANT. As the first feature-length animated film from France, it holds a special place in cinematic history, and won the Venice Film Festival’s Grand Prix for children’s films in 1950. Shot in technicolor and firmly rooted in surrealism and poetry, JEANNOT L'INTRÉPIDE is a strange little tale with a sparkling explosion of colours that’s great for little kids (ages three and up) and grown-ups alike. This version of Jean image’s masterpiece was recently restored thanks to a collaboration between the French film archives and Carlotta Films. Guaranteed fun.