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the mercenary ( el mercenario )

Sergio Corbucci | 1968 | O.V. English | Italy, Spain | 105min | color

Synopsis :


“Transformed by Corbucci into a wild fantasy, comic-strip style, about political commitment: Frantz Fanon for beginners with a bizarre sense of humor.” – Christopher Frayling

“Anticipates THE WILD BUNCH in its near-hysterical local color (a troupe of clown toreadors, a religious procession with concealed machine guns) compounded by a frenzied revolutionary joie de vivre and a suitably excessive Morricone score ..." – J. Hoberman, Film Comment

“With Companeros, this is Corbucci’s best film.” – Phil Hardy

A mercenary joins the Mexican Revolution to get his hands on some much-coveted loot. He will get far more involved in the cause than he ever could have imagined. Shot on the heels of the famous Django (also by Corbucci), this hard-to-find gem is a standout in the stellar filmography of Franco Nero, the iconic face of the Spaghetti Western. A far-reaching, sardonic, vitriol-filled epic about friendship and political engagement, made in a time of class struggle. Also with a Morricone score and a great final duel set in an arena, in homage to Leone. — Julien Fonfrède