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flashback memories 3d ( furatshubakku memorizu 3d )

Tetsuaki Matsue | 2012 | O.V. Japanese | S.T. English | Japan | 72min | color

Synopsis :


“Restlessly inventive.” — Hollywood Reporter

“Goma (...) is a deep spirituality and musicality that transforms the seemingly simple into the sublime” — The Japan Times

Flashback Memories 3D won the audience award at the Tokyo Festival and the NETPAC award at the Jeonju Festival. This mind-blowing documentary stars Goma, a virtuoso Japanese musician who plays the didgeridoo, the traditional instrument of Australian Aboriginals. His jungle rhythm concerts have made him a legend at the famous Fuji Rock Festival. But in November 2009, Goma smashed his car and suffered a brain injury that has seriously impaired his memory. Most people expected the accident would end his career, but he’s proved them wrong.

Whether you like didgeridoo music or even know who Goma is, you’re in for an amazing treat. Flashback Memories 3D brilliantly reinvents the documentary as it floats in a kind of everlasting present. Blending concert footage, 3D images, and hypnotic sound and energy, this trance-inducing work presents a fractal vision of the world as seen by Goma (who in fact has no memory of most of the images shown). Rarely does a film come so close to a spiritual experience. This is a work to be felt as much as seen. It also attests to the boundless creativity found in Japan’s independent arts scene.