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twenty million people ( vingt millions de personnes )

Michael Ferrell | 2012 | O.V. English | United States | 75min | color

Synopsis :

Though metropolitan New York has 20 million people, finding your soul mate here is next to impossible. Just ask Brian, a hard-up filmmaker/barista who has grown jaded in his thirties. Passion and love at first sight, he claims, are urban legends. He jeers at friends still naive enough to think they’ll meet Mr. or Ms. Right. Then along comes Ashley. When this budding comic starts working at the café, Brian has to eat his words. He falls hard and fast, but, after a blissful week of hanging out together, Ashley disappears without a trace. Thrown for a loop, Brain tries tracking the girl down with his buddy Edward, who’s suffering through a messy breakup. With his first feature, Michael Ferrell (who also plays Brian) has created a spirited, smart rom-com for the Facebook and texting era. Shot in a mere 12 days with a tiny crew, this playful movie with its wonderfully sharp dialogue once again proves that independent film is alive and well in America. Fans of witty retorts and fantastic plot devices will adore Twenty Million People, which, despite its biting humour, examines the true pain of being dumped by somebody you love.