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mambo cool

Chris Gude | 2013 | O.V. Spanish | S.T. English | Colombia, United States | 62min | color

Synopsis :

A city somewhere in Columbia. A place so extinguished, so muted that it's little more than a ghost town. Among the characters we encounter here are Mascara, a warrior freshly arrived from the surrounding hills; a 32-year old prostitute who claims she's a virgin; and a man whose closest companion is a gorilla. Everywhere there are dealers, everywhere there is white powder, the substance that regulates the lives of the city's anonymous residents, reducing their existence to a single dimension in our eyes. As if the entire population were utterly without importance, as if not one of them had any hope of ever changing their life's course. The melancholy rhythm of the mambo pervades the film, a soundtrack for a city that will never bare its heart, if indeed it possesses one. Chris Gude's debut film features raw, stark settings: streets strewn with rubble, a sad and soulless nightclub, a bordello where the clients ply the working girls with massages... Mambo Cool is a journey into a dark world without the faintest glimpse of a future.