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syrie en cour(t)s : programme 1

| 2013 | O.V. without dialogue | Syria | 90min | color

Synopsis :

Despite what many may think, people still manage to make films in a war-torn country like Syria. In fact, filmmakers there are adopting a highly eclectic approach, relying on very diverse techniques, and also conveying an incredible sense of freedom. - Commissaires Curators Ruba Al Chaer, Omar Faleh

Program 1 Abounaddara is a group of anonymous filmmakers devoted to portraying Syria beyond issues of religion and geopolitics. The collective attracted attention in 2010 with a website showing documentary shorts that celebrate the daily lives of ordinary people. Since April 2011, it has embraced what it calls “emergency cinema” and now releases a very short work every Friday in support of the Syrian uprising. The shorts use the aesthetic of cinema to provide counter-information. They feature unnamed Syrians as full-fledged political subjects and capture their struggle for freedom without resorting to stereotypical characters, places or formats. All films by the collective are self-produced on a strict voluntary basis.

La Rue Syrienne (3 min 53) Avant-gardes (1 min 30) Everything is Under Control Mr. President (1 min 21) Et après ? (2 min 20) Sous le ciel de Damas (1 min 34) Octobre (2 min 42) Quand j’étais révolutionnaire (3 min 10) Zeina (55 sec) Mèche rebelle (1 min 52) Les casseroles de la révolution (1 min 39) Pacifique, mais… (3 min 06) I will cross tomorrow (3 min 53) Enfants de Halfaya (4 min 17) They’re Playing (1 min 07) Aux armes citoyens-reporters ! (2 min 06) Prayer in the Dark (1 min 35) Aleppo by Night (58 sec) The Eagles of Syria (49 sec) Le soldat inconnu, 4 parties (8 min 38) Apocalypse Here (2 min 28) The End (3 min 30) Syria Today (53 sec)

With the Collectif’s spokesman, Charif Kiwan, in attendance