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the eyes that stop the train

Jona Pelovska | 2012 | O.V. without dialogue | Canada | 3min | B & W

Synopsis :

Moments of life lived, missed, remembered and forgotten, as glimpsed through the window of a moving train.

A view on thought and vision playing out the film of life - eyes looking through the window of a moving train. This film invokes the process of memory, the way thought snippets interject perception. The moving train => time => the moving image. The beginning of cinema: 'Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat' seen from the POV of the passenger. The passage of time seen through the ears of John Cage: 'Bacchanale' - the sound of life dynamic and chaotic, a thrust forth in time reversible/re-playable unto death.

(The fine edit of this film was inadvertently completed on John Cage's 100th anniversary so, its dating of September 2012 reflects this celebratory moment)

Expérimentations 2 ( 12 films )

Of all stripes... Featuring (successful) formal exercises and evocations (of all stripes), an impassioned anthology of films that constantly push the language of cinema and the limits of our perception based on material ranging from nature, film stock, the world and nightmares to Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat.