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jeu de l'inconscient ( subconscious password )

Chris Landreth | 2013 | O.V. English, French | Canada | 11min | color

Synopsis :

In the middle of a crowded bar, Charles finds himself feeling increasingly desperate. The cause of his misery is an old friend he's just run into—his old know...what'shis- name... Directed by Chris Landreth, the filmmaker behind the Oscar®- winning short Ryan, Subconscious Password uses a common social gaffe—forgetting somebody's name—as the starting point for a mind-bending romp through the unconscious. Inspired by the classic American TV game show Password, the film features a wealth of animated celebrity guests, plus Charles's mother and his childhood babysitter, who try (and try, and try) to prompt him to remember his friend's name. Charles, Landreth's alter ego, somehow fails to grasp even the most obvious clues. As his frustration increases, the film's 3-D effects become more pronounced, mirroring his growing psychological imbalance. Finally, he realizes he will simply have to surrender himself to his predicament. Subconscious Password is a playful and irreverent take on a familiar experience. It may not help you jog your own memory, but it'll make you more inclined to forgive yourself for struggling with the dreaded question: “What's his name? What's his name?”

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