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Wheaton Jeff | 2013 | O.V. without dialogue | Canada | 14min | color

Synopsis :

Living in a city of white noise, a young woman receives a mysterious package, the body of a dead bee. She takes the body and rebuilds it into a hybrid creature, built to survive an uncertain future. Thus begins an ethereal journey into dream, a message sent by a colony of bees.Filmmaker. Jeff Wheaton explores the lives, deaths and reincarnations of bees in this dreamy, visually haunting short that meshes narrative and experimental techniques.

Intérieur / Extérieur ( 8 films )

The films in this collection seem to create a troubling overlap of the scenery and the protagonists’ moods, as if the world aroundthem were contaminated or shaped by their desires. In these films, man does not simply make his mark on the landscape — there is a mutual attraction.