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smile stealers

Allison Moore | 2013 | O.V. English | S.T. French | Quebec, Canada | 39min | color

Synopsis :

Smile Stealers is a short story about a girl who has a destiny to become a warrior. Her name is Tyr, like the Norse God of War. Sad because there are no more stars in the sky, she cries into the Tides who give her the last smile, the Vessel of Ultimate Power. With this power she battles The Sky, saves a Unicorn, and escapes a Paper Moon photo booth trap. With the help of the Unicorn and Mr.Gician, a magician, she fights the Queen of a Moon and slays her children to set the smiles free. The children become stars in the sky and a harmonious balance is regained in the universe.

Folies douces ( 6 films )

A programme of madness: the kind of madness that sometimes transforms the world, but more often transfigures it into something softer. The madness of wild spirits who refuse to be shackled.