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l'un ne va pas sans l'autre

Audréane Beaucage | 2013 | O.V. without dialogue | Canada | 6min | color

Synopsis :

« One doesn't go Without the Other» is a film of movement about the quest of ascension on the top of a mountain by a soloist and his duplications. The soloist is an entity who embodied the union between the anima and the animus of a unique being. His introspection takes him back to his birth: the water. He took conscious of his loneliness witch became, his sovereignty.

Intérieur / Extérieur ( 8 films )

The films in this collection seem to create a troubling overlap of the scenery and the protagonists’ moods, as if the world aroundthem were contaminated or shaped by their desires. In these films, man does not simply make his mark on the landscape — there is a mutual attraction.