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Kaveh Nabatian | 2013 | O.V. English | Canada | 18min | color

Synopsis :

Dive is an urban fairy tale about a self-destructive man who can't feel anything. From the moment he sets eyes on a mysterious young woman, something inside him stirs. Unbeknown to him, she is part of the White Eye community, a misunderstood, marginalized group of hyper-sensitive and submissive beings inhabiting the same world as humans. When her true identity is revealed, Ivan's destructive nature reaches its peak as he contemplates a drastic escape from his melancholy.

Je t'aime, je te hais ( 6 films )

A collection of films — always arresting, often amusing, sometimes caustic and even fantastical — on the eternal theme of desire and its fallout. After years of self-flagellation, Quebec strikes back and will not be ignored!