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niagara's fury

Benjamin R. Taylor | 2013 | O.V. without dialogue | Canada | 27min | color

Synopsis :

Niagara's Fury is a study of the transformation inflicted upon the world by the prying eyes of the tourist. Something like ethnography or anthropology, the film moves through the seemingly abandoned city surrounding one of the world's natural wonders, watching it, listening to it. Monuments to entertainment, absurd idols and apparatuses of alienation sit in the stillness of the day as the waters flow by unabated. The film looks at how we reign the natural world into absurd conceptual frameworks, incapable of letting things be, and ponders the reflections of the waters and what they see in us when gazing back.

Parcs d'attraction ( 6 films )

Amusement parks: ultimate temples of consumerism, relics of a bygone era or souvenirs of a childhood filled with wonder? Possibly all these things at once, considering the conflicting impressions they inspire. Strangely beautiful or strangely ugly... it all depends on who’s looking.