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buffalo death mask

Mike Hoolboom | 2013 | O.V. English | S.T. English | Canada | 23min | colour and B & W

Synopsis :

A conversation with Canadian painter Stephen Andrews returns us to a pre-cocktail moment, when being HIV+ afforded us the consolation of certainty. "A conversation between Hoolboom and visual artist Stephen Andrews, both long-time survivors of the retrovirus, floats over what seems to be a dream of Toronto and some of its ghosts. No one savours the intimations of immortality inherent in recycled footage like Mike; no one else understands how processed Super 8 can answer the question: 'Why are we still here when so many are gone?'" — Tom Waugh

Mémoires composites ( 4 films )

This program features an all-star cast (Mike Hoolboom, Bill Morrison, Siobhan Davies and David Hinton) who, well beyond their prowess at manipulating archival images, convey the power of the fusion of cinema and memory — where private meets universal.